Is this blog the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?
YES! Everything I write about on here actually happened to me, even the embarrassing stuff. I have always been a meticulous record keeper and have boxes and boxes of diaries and notebooks that I have kept since childhood. So even when my memory falters, I can refer to things I have written from particular points in time. I am essentially audit-proof!

What’s the deal with your family?
As you can tell from my posts my upbringing was a bit different from most, as I was raised by my paternal grandparents. This effectively made my grandparents my parents, even though technically they weren’t. My birth father and mother came in and out of my life for most of my childhood, which in hindsight probably caused more damage than if they had just cut their ties with me and walked away for good.  Sadly my grandmother passed away in 2013. I miss her warm smile, soft skin and permed hair; she meant the world to me. My grandfather died in July 2015. I am nowhere near ready to process the loss of him as well.

Why would you leave Brisbane weather for the unpredictability of Melbourne?
After so long in Brisbane (20 years) it felt a bit stale to me. When my father-in-law became ill (he has sadly now passed away), we made the decision to relocate to be closer to my husband’s family. At first I hated Melbourne – I knew no one, it was too cold and I missed all my friends. Also, I didn’t understand hook turns. But in time, things got easier – I made new friends, replaced my Queensland wardrobe and make sure I visit Brisbane as often as I can! I will always have a soft spot for BrisVegas and wouldn’t be surprised if we moved back in the near future.
Note: I have now mastered hook turns.

Your husband sounds awesome. Are you embellishing just a little?
My husband is a gem, and I feel incredibly blessed that he chose to share his life with me. Like any couple we have arguments and I often think I will throttle him with my bare hands (how hard is it to LIFT THE BLOODY BATH MAT OFF THE FLOOR AFTER A SHOWER?). He is not perfect, but he is definitely perfect for me.

Is being a mum really the hardest job in the world?
I have been a waitress, a checkout chick, a criminal defence solicitor, an insurance litigation solicitor and a government policy officer, and being a mum is harder than all of these jobs put together. For a start, there’s no sick leave. Who wants to turn up to work when you’re sick? No one, that’s who. But if you’re a mum (or any primary caregiver), you can be at death’s door and you will still have to wipe bums, feed mouths and hope you don’t confuse the two. You think having a brain-splitting hangover is bad? Try having it while looking after children. It’s hell.

How can I keep up to date with your blog?
I have no idea, as I am technologically challenged. It’s nothing short of remarkable that I even have a blog. The best way to keep up to date would be to like my page on Facebook; here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/allmydirtylaundry

I should add that Facebook has an annoying habit of hiding posts unless you pay oodles of money (or $10) for an ad. So if you REALLY want to stay in the loop, Instagram might be the go. Here is the link: http://www.instagram/allmydirtylaundry (@allmydirtylaundry)

I am also on Twitter but to be honest, I have no idea what I am doing. Somehow I have 26 followers and this pleases me immensely! http://www.twitter.com/sare_laundry

What is possessing you to keep this blog? Are you some kind of freak?
That’s actually two questions. Don’t be greedy.

2 thoughts on “FAQs”

  1. Hi Sare

    My name is Laura Fitzgerald. I am an ex-teacher now qualified counsellor. I also have a tarot blog, tarot being my true passion as a way of counselling.

    In the blog I am currently writing I checked out Wednesday’s child on google (for obvious reasons) and found that you, too, are one of those supposedly full of woe. I read your blog and followed it quite a few clicks before I decided I was just enjoying it too much and might never get any writing done today!

    Would you be OK with my using the Golden Book image you posted and referencing your blog in mine?

    or https://www.facebook.com/LauraFitzgerald.Tarot/

    I can just use the image, but I enjoyed your blog so much I thought it might be good to cross-reference.

    No worries if you’re not keen – I’ll just search Golden Books. (The one you’ve used is actually from my time of reading them. I’m 61)

    And by the way, I live in Brisbane and enjoyed a childhood of different but similar dysfunction as yours.

    1. Hi Laura! I am so sorry for my delayed reply – we have been travelling and my poor ol’ blog has been neglected!
      Thanks for getting in touch – of course you can reference this post! Very sweet of you to ask :)
      Look at us Brisbanites with our woeful beginnings…no doubt you are much more full of whoa than woe!

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